Instant SSO and 2-Factor Authentication

Companies need single sign-on [SSO] for each new solution they want to roll out to their employees. The alternative is annoying everyone with different users and passwords and overloading support with “I forgot my password” calls.

Unfortunately bad passwords combined with SSO mean big security risks. This is why 2-factor authentication [2FA] is so important. So if the majority of enterprises wants SSO and 2FA, why don’t they deploy SSO and 2FA everywhere?

The reason is simple. Each new software needs a different type of integration which is time consuming and tedious.

What if Instant SSO and 2FA is possible????

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Next Objective:

Feb-Mar: Create a Minimum Valuable Product / MVP

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  • Feb-Mar: Create a Minimum Valuable Product / MVP
  • Apr: Find 100 Early Adopters
  • SUCCESS: Instant SSO and 2FA will become a Juju Solution


  • January: Find at least 5 contributors

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December 16, 2013

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