Automate your cloud infrastructure

Configure, manage, maintain, deploy and scale efficiently with best-practice Charms on any public, private or hybrid cloud from a powerful GUI or the command-line.

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Using Juju

Juju enables you to use Charms to deploy your application architectures to EC2, OpenStack, Azure, HP your data center and even your own Ubuntu based laptop. Moving between environments is simple giving you the flexibility to switch hosts whenever you want — for free.

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Juju’s features

Juju provides both a command-line interface and an intuitive webapp to design, build, configure, deploy and manage your infrastructure. Juju automates the mundane tasks allowing you to focus on creating amazing applications.

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Juju Charms define applications as services. There are 100s of Charms already created by application experts to help you to define your infrastructure. And you can easily create your own Charms using puppet, chef or any other configuration management assets.

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Juju is the fastest way to deploy and grow OpenStack

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