A collection of some of the most important online references for Juju users and developers.

Juju overview

A high level overview of why we created Juju and what it does.

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Easy tasks for new contributors

Want to help working on Juju and Charms? Here’s a list of some low hanging fruit.

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Recordings of our Charm Schools, presentations, and Q+A sessions with the community.

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Juju documentation

The complete Juju documentation. This includes everything you need to know for not only deploying charms, but how to write your own.

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The Charm Store

We call the community-maintained collection of charms the “Charm Store”. This section deals with writing your first charm, or contributing a fix or feature to an existing charm.

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Charm Store policy

We don’t just let any code into the Charm Store. Our users demand a quality experience, and this is the policy that we use to review charms before they’re made available to Ubuntu users.

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